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Integrative Wellness For Energy and Longivity

Welcome to our web page.

We offer three broad sections for Enhancing your Wellness and Energy and Longivity or age reversal.

They are:

  2. FOOD


We refer to our technology of "Thoughtsman-ship". quieting the mind as well as the Power of Words to re-program any un-helfpul and unhealthy patterns of thoughts.

We encourage you drop any assertions that do not empower you, and pick up new breakthrough discoveries including but not limited to epi-genetics, pasticity of the brain and quantum physics.


Food - the choice of foods is often determined by tastes, habits and custom. That is all fine. We have recommendation for health food supplements for specific and general healh and wellness energy enhancement and anti-aging regime.


Movement is energy. Moving your body in specific ways help you move YOUR energy. The combination of CONSCIOUS MOVMENT boosts your energy - often freeing you from pain or dis-ease.



Tai chi poster

Movements: Tai chi
Movements may be deceptively simple and un-dramatic. It is HOW you do them - with intention and alearness that makes the difference to your wellbeing. IIn many modern exercises - the mind is divorced from the body while the latter is "exercised". In our system, the aim to move energy. More here.

Mindfulness Training for Corporate

Corporate Mindfulness Workshop
Mindfulness Training to enhance productivity, manage stress in a BIG way, and enhance connectivity in the corporation.. More.


Body Transformation program

Age- Reversal (anti aging) Program
Age Reversal, Feeling and Looking Good, Eliminate fatique with our Body Transformation Program. Here

Sifu E.K Yeap's new book, Master-Key to Wellness and Energy - register for your downloadable copy for Free.

MasterKey to Wellness and Energy by E.K Yeap



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