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Testimonials from Users of Nefful Negative ion Garments

PLANTAR FASCITIS PAIN | Throat/Stiff neck | Leukemia | Macular degeneration |Pain knee | Diabetes | Eye tumour | Arrhythmia , menopause | Sickle Cell Anemia | Cerebral Palsy | Polio |hyperthyroidism |Parkinson's, Ankylosing Spondylitis | | Kidney Failure |

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Subject: Tang Hsiu-Pin stands up again
Overcome breast cancer and Rheumatoid Arthritis!
Tang Hsiu-Pin stands up again

(Reporter: Chuang Chih-Wei, Peng Kuang-Hsu reported in Taipei)

Seven years ago, a woman, named Tang Hsiu-Pin, who suffered breast cancer accused her husband of an abortive homicide because her husband intentionally concealed her disease, and this case shocked the public. For several years, she suffered and almost died from the seriously deteriorating disease, and she also suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis which disabled her, but now she has defeated the serious illnesses and stands up again. She uses her own experience to help more people to overcome their difficulties.

Standing up form the sofa with the support of a cane is a simple action, but it is a miracle that Tang Hsiu-Pin who once was unable to stand up for five years for serious arthritis.

Tang Hsiu-Pin: " I'm very happy, but after I stood up, I had a new perception of my own experience, I found that my friends that were part these years are not as lofty as I imagined them before".

You may forget that seven years ago this pleasant woman accused her betraying husband, who was a doctor, of intentionally concealing her breast cancer with the purpose of terminating their marriage, which was reported in newspapers as a lead story. Later, when her state of illness was in crisis, she decided to forgive her former husband and withdraw the accusation.

Tang Hsiu-Pin: "I am really thankful that God has my life suffer from the painful torments. Due to the pain, I could comfort some people. Because I have gone through the pain and get better and better now, I could inspire other people." Tang Hsiu-Pin: "scarf ! 430, Bye-Bye! As my body keeps improving and I can move more and more freely, my desire for living on becomes stronger and stronger"

Her arthritis became serious because of her cancer, as a result she had been paralyzed for fives years and often faced death until July of last year when some friends introduced her the negative ions clothing. Her illness was relieved after she started to wear those clothes, at last she can stand again and uses her own experience to promote the product, and can keep the pot boiling.

From TVBS website
Link of the original article:
Date: 2004/03/2

  Thanks to NEFFUL for giving me a new life
Acute Leukemia                                     Product use: Whole set
Name: Chun shi zhel, Taiwan

Life is so unpredictable. In June 2002 my life went through a big change. I was diagnosed with acute leukemia. My first symptom was a cold. I went to 4 different doctors and they all said I had a cold. In addition to the cold symptoms I had diarrhea, poor appetite, dizziness, general discomfort and I had lost a lot of weight. I thought it was because I was working too hard. When my vision became impaired and I was seeing black spots, I realize it was serious. I went to the hospital and I was diagnosed with acute leukemia. This was like a death sentence. I felt like someone had hit me with a base ball bat. Life became dark with depression. After chemo therapy my immune system decreased and I developed pulmonary edema. I continued to have diarrhea. The Doctor notified my family because I was in critical condition in an isolation room at the hospital.

My parents would not give up. They brought lots of negative ion clothing and bedding in to the isolation room for me to use it. I am so thankful that my primary doctor knows the benefits of negative ion clothing and he permitted it to be brought into isolation room. My parents brought me 3 sets of negative ion clothing including: blankets, supports and Eskimo shirts and pants.

After chemo therapy I had to change clothes every 3 to 4 hours and my blanket every 3 days because the clothes and blanket reeked with a chemical and medication stench. The negative ion clothing took all of the chemicals out of my body right out through my skin. Those chemicals and medications from chemo therapy must be excreted or they cause kidney failure and then dialysis is the only way to get it out.

After chemo therapy blood counts must rebound and are critical for fighting infections and complications. Lots of patients lose their lives because of this. The negative ion clothes helped me to recover and rebound more quickly. My energy level improved more quickly than others. I had a comparatively much shorter recovery time then others. After chemo therapy, while I was waiting for a bone marrow transplant, the SARS epidemic over-took Taiwan. The Nefful products got me through this time of crisis when I was not able to get a bone marrow transplant for an extended period. This product helped me safely pass this critical waiting period, and it helped my bone marrow transplant go smoothly. For example: when a farmer plants his field, the seed needs rich soil to harvest a good crop. The same thing is true with a bone marrow transplant: if the body is in healthy nourished physical condition it accepts the bone marrow transplant easily.

The usual hospital stay after a bone marrow transplant is more then 40 days but only took me 28 days. After I was discharged I had to take cortisone to prevent my body from rejecting the bone marrow. Every time I went back to see the doctor they continued to decrease the dosage. As of Jan 2005 I no longer need medications. Now after using this amazing Nefful product for one and half years, not only am I without need for medication, I was able to travel to Egypt for one month and lead a normal life.

Prevention is more important than therapy". Your health is priceless and you should take care of it. You should take care of your health when you are in good condition. Don think you are young and healthy and disease is far from you. This product can give you a good immune system. I am so thankful that my parents introduced this product to me. I am thankful that the Nefful Company has such amazing products available to help people live a healthy lifestyle.

Giving myself a chance and the same time giving others a chance
Macular degeneration, Joints pain, Tendonitis, aging spots, sun damage, wrinkles                                  product use: whole set
Gwen Spires, Fullerton, CA

My name is Gwen Spires. I am 70 years old. In June of 2005 my vision became blurred. The ophthalmologist diagnosed me with macular degeneration. I was told there was nothing that would help except to take vitamins to slow down the progression of this degenerating eye disease which eventually would cause me to go blind. I was very depressed thinking of all the things that would happen when my eyesight left. About 4 weeks later I was introduced to an amazing product called Teviron imported from Japan by my friend named Nancy. At first I thought this was some kind of scam; but, thinking that I would go blind eventually, I gave myself a chance. I started using these products of clothing and bedding including an eye patch and a hat made of Teviron fiber. Three weeks later the blurred vision had improved and I was very inspired by the results. I am inspired by other amazing results also. Some of the pain in my joints and my hemorrhoids has also gone away. The sun damage, aging spots and wrinkles on my skin has greatly improved. I am now feeling and looking younger. I can see a remarkable improvement after three months of using Teviron products. I can imagine that if I continue using this product it will continue to have a remarkable improvement of my health and quality of life. I feel like I am in a cocoon of energetic happiness. Gwen

The amazing Teviron's negative static technology
for arthritic knee, health maintenance and increase quality of life     product use: whole set
Kathleen Israel, San Diego, CA

Did you ever hear of NEFFUL's Teviron, the amazing fiber imported from Japan has unique capacity of always gaining electrons and thus negatively charged which is beneficial to our health? I am so glad I was introduced to this product and give myself a chance to accept it. I had arthritis in my knees. When I used to go to church I couldn't kneel properly and it hurt. Now I can kneel easily with no pain. It is so cool!

I bought underwear and joint supports and bedding. I love to sleep in my Teviron blankets. It is like sleeping in negative ions spa so restful and I don't snore any more! When I get up in the morning I put on my under garments and supports on my ankles, knees, elbows and wrists. During the day the negative ion cloth acts like a sponge soaking up my positively charged toxins. I wash the clothing before I go to bed to clean the positive ion gunk off of the negative ion fibers and I hang it up to dry.

I didn't even realize my ankles were uncomfortable. When I put on the ankle supports it felt so good. The same thing happened when I put the hat on. I didn't realize my ears were uncomfortable. The comfort I felt when my ears were in the hat was mellow and it made me smile.

Simple belief is a blessing.
Testimony of a registered nurse in pain                    Product use: whole set
Nancy Jang, Yorba Linda, CA

I am a registered nurse, I used to hike and dance even thought I had pain in my knees. I always thought these activities caused pain. I love to live naturally without medication and I thought pain was the price I had to pay to be active. In 1999 I fell because of uneven ground and I injured my neck and my shoulder.

The constant and severe pain was unbearable and it caused insomnia and depression. It caused the end of my 35 years career in the medical profession. I refused the epidural injections and surgery which my orthopedic doctor suggested. I tried cortisone shots, anti inflammatory medication, pain medication, and sleeping pills, for several days. They didn't even give me temporary relief. I still had my pain. As a nursing professional I knew that cortisone shots and anti inflammatory and pain medications all had bad side effects or they caused addiction.

I tried acupuncture, physical therapy, chiropractic and massage for more than 4 years and they just gave me temporary relief and still the pain woke me up after 1 or 2 hours of sleep. At least they didn't have bad side effects.

At the end of 2003 I was introduced to negative ion clothes and blankets. Even though I was skeptical about the results I decided to give myself a chance and try these products. I bought a whole set of the products as was suggested. When I got home I put everything on as instructed. I put on the Eskimo shirt and pants and another set of underclothes too and the hat and all of the supporters and the waist band the neck warmer and the eye patch. Then I realized this is ridiculous. I was so angry I took them off, I got buyer remorse. Then I thought well, since I already bought it and I had been in pain for almost 5 years I decided to give myself a chance and I put it all back on. I went to bed in my blanket and I slept more than 12 hours. Usually I got up to go to the bathroom several times during the night. I don't think I even got up once that night. When I woke up in the morning, I was still in the same position that I was in when I went to bed. I slept like a baby. I was so happy and jumping up and down. I was thankful and I felt the blessing of having these products.

Amazingly my degenerative arthritis in my knees and my back pain have gone away. The white growth in my eye (like a cataract) which the doctor suggested I have removed surgically when It impacted my vision went away. My grey hair is improving. The brown spot on my face and my wrinkles are going away. I have slimmed down to a healthy weight. I was sick looking before and now I have a healthy glow. I am feeling and looking younger. Now I have no more pain when I go hiking and dancing. Because of these products my hiking performance has increased. I feel the blessing and I want to share the product with other people and help other people.

Thankful for Nefful Amazing Product
Type 2 Diabetes 11 years, Pain and Stroke        Product: Whole set
Chen Chi Chung, Taiwan

1991 I was diagnosed with diabetes my blood sugar was 365. On that day my life became colorless. The doctor prescribed medication. I saw all of the famous doctors that my friends introduced me to. I spent 11 years switching from doctor to doctor making myself a guinea pig for all of their cures. Until May of 2002 when my daughter brought home a big package of special clothes and a blanket. She told me if I wear this it would improve my health as well as the diabetes and pain. I really did not believe it would help because I was in the Chinese medicine business. I thought about my daughter and how caring she was so I used it. The second day I went to check my blood sugar it was 223. One month later I checked it again and my sugar was 222. I came home and told my daughter that this product is not helping me any more. She called her AGM. The AGM told the daughter that her father needed more Negative Ion products. So then she brought me all of the supporters. I had the full set. In 4 and a half hours I went to the bathroom 5 times. The whole night I didn't sleep. The first night I went to the bathroom 5 times second 4 times and each night I had to get up less and less. The second month after I used the full set, I went to check again the blood sugar dropped to 192. And then after 75 days the sugar dropped to 103. From that day on my life is colorful again.

My friend wife had a stroke 5 years ago. She couldn't even go to the bathroom by herself. She couldn't walk. She couldn't do anything for herself. She needed constant daily living assistance from her husband. In May of 2005 she started using negative ion clothing and bedding. Before she used the product she urinated every 4 hours. After the second day of using the product she urinated every 2 hours and the volume was double. When she started using the product she wore 3L waist band. After 3 days the waist band was too loose. After 25 days she was able to stand up with the support of both hands on the wheel chair. In 28 days she could stand up easily holding on with one hand. After 47 days she took her first unassisted step in 5 years.

If you use the full set soon you will have a good result you want.

Thanks to NEFFUL. You helped me regain my health
Type 1 diabetes                                 Product use: Whole set
Chung wuan zu,Taiwan

I was 18 years old when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I spent the golden years of my youth taking medication all of a time. I was tired of taking medication. I used all of the wisdom of eastern and western medicine. I tried vitamins and supplements. I asked Buddha to help me to lower my blood sugar. I searched tirelessly to find anyway that I could help myself until I got a bleeding ulcer. Then big lump grew on the palm of my hand. I had to have this lump surgically removed. I had to stay in critical care for 3 days because I was a diabetic having surgery. I was weak and my immunity was bad. Medicine was my company every day. When I was 38 years old I had a neuropathy on my foot. I lost the feeling on my foot. Because of my financial condition I still had to work as a housekeeper. I got a crack on the bottom of my left foot. It got infected. It caused cellulites and I had a constant fever. The doctor had to amputate my big toe and my small toe to save my life. On the bottom of my left foot the doctor cut two big holes to remove the dead tissue. Within 2 and half years I was in and out of the hospital 12 times. In the hospital I got antibiotic or cortisone shots.

I thought that God must have a good reason for my trouble. My angel or friend, Shu Mei told me about a high tech product of negative ion clothes that would improve my health. I was skeptical but I wanted to give it a try. I dared to take all of those medications with all kinds of side effects. I reasoned, why was I afraid to wear these clothes that couldn't harm me. So I bought the whole set and this is really a miracle. Within the short period of 3 months my blood sugar dropped from 400 to 130. The bottom of my foot was healed and not bleeding any more.

I was so happy with my blessing that I wanted to share this negative ion product with other people. Through this business I was able to get out of poverty. My life has gone from black and white to colorful. I am thankful for this amazing product.

This amazing miracle fiber is a blessing to me.
2 yrs. old child had Tumor in her eye
Mae Hua, Taiwan
Product used: whole set
July 2002
At the end of 1995 I noticed that my daughter had a yellow spot in her eye. I took her to our local hospital to check it out. My daughter had developed a malignant tumor in her retina. I was told that the chances of getting this kind of tumor were very rare. The Doctor said that the only way to save her was to remove her eye ball. Sometimes hospitals make a mistake in their diagnosis. I hoped this was the case. I went to another excellent big hospital in Taiwan and the prognosis was the same. We decided to go ahead with the surgery to remove the whole eye ball. After the surgery the Doctor assured us that there was no more malignancy. We brought our daughter home and in less than 3 months the malignant tumor came back. We went back to the hospital. We started radiation and chemotherapy on my poor little child. She lost her hair, her lips were dry and sore, she had nausea and vomiting. The whole therapy treatment took 2 years to finish. This kind of therapy is very harmful for a 2 year old child. I was looking for the blessing in my sorrow for my child. I kept thinking that everything happens for a good reason.
In October of 1999 when I took my daughter back to the hospital for a check up, Sufan, introduced us to the negative ion clothing. She said this product would increase my daughter immunity to illness. I thought these clothes would not cause any bad side effects and they would be easy to use. I got a few items of clothing for my daughter. After 5 months my daughter frequency of getting colds decreased. So I bought her the whole set and she got healthier and healthier. When I took her to the check up, the doctor found that she had grown 12 cm taller. He thought this was very unusual because children who are exposed to radiation and chemotherapy don't grow like that. He was afraid that the brain may have another tumor which may have stimulated her growth hormone to make her grow so tall. They did a cat scan and results were normal. My daughter doesn't have to go to the emergency room any more. Her speed of growth is better than a normal child.
Even me, since I was a little kid I got bronchitis and coughs a lot. After I used the negative ion products this improved. I believe that the Teveron clothing has miracle results. It has made it possible for my whole family to have a happier and healthier life. After using the product for 9 months I quit my job with accounting. Now I am involved with a full time commitment to the Nefful business. I am helping more people with their health and their wealth.
Thanks to Sufan, my angel, who introduced me to negative ion clothing.  I consider it such a blessing that I am in the Nefful family. This amazing miracle fiber is a blessing to me.

Teviron clothing let me feel like had a complete overhaul.
Arrhythmia, high blood pressure, Perspiring hands, menopause.
Sue Sie Zhin, Taiwan
Product use: whole set

Since I was a child I have been sick and weak. I have always had medical problems. March of this year my friend introduced me to negative ion products. I was happy because I believed this is the start of my good life. I purchased 2 whole sets of negative ion clothes. My husband and I used it diligently. Soon my monthly cramps went away.

Three weeks after starting to use these special clothes my heart prolapsed which caused my murmur and arrhythmia no longer bothered me. Now I don't have tightness in my chest or perspiring hands. This is the first time in my life that my hands are dry. I have used the product for 5 months and now I don't catch cold easily. I no longer have a hard time to catch my breath. My hands no longer hurt from using the computer. My bells palsy has improved remarkably. I used to have acidic stomach and allergy to milk products and I was plagued with intestinal gas and diarrhea and now no more. My estrogen is balanced so my emotions are more stable. I am calm and happy and I have no more hot flashes. No more back pain.
My husband sleeps well every day and he no longer complains of tiredness. My husband blood sugar and high blood pressure is getting normal. He looks younger and he is more energetic.
Now I am so energetic and with good spirits. I can eat and sing and dance. Now I am like a new person. You deserve to own negative ion clothing and bedding too.



I am Thankful that NEFFUL improved my health. It has benefited my life and the lives of others.
Sickle Cell Anemia, Migraine Headache, Back Pain, Gout.
Ho Huey Lan, Taiwan
Product use: Whole set

My mother in law has always had migraine headaches and back pain. One day she saw my friend, Ethan wear a special hat. She was curious and asked her about it. The next thing I knew she brought a hat and waistband home to use for herself. After a couple of days she told me that she feels like she has more energy and she was so happy that her headache and back pain had improved a lot.

I was curious about this product. It was a wonderful coincidence that Ethan came back to my home town at this time. I asked her about these products. She explained to me about these negative ion products. I thought about my husband who has a gout problem. I bought some under ware and a blanket for my husband. One week later his discomfort had improved.

When I was young I worked hard and for long hours. Now because of this I have a lot of illness. I have painful monthly cramps, a fibroid tumor and Sickle cell anemia. All the time when I was working so much I could not take care of my illnesses. I bought some negative ion undergarments and supporters for myself. After a period of time my health has improved. I had edema on my feet. That edema has subsided. My monthly pain has disappeared. My vertigo has decreased. My health has much improved.

I started sharing this product with my friends. Within 3 months I was able to promote to area manager. I have a pretty good income. Thanks to Ethan for introduce me to these products. I am thankful that Nefful has such a miracle product. This is a benefit to my health and my finances. I can help others too.

There is nothing more important than your child health
Cerebral Palsy
Uie Lin 2 and a half year old girl
 Premature baby born at 7 month
Use whole set
Mother - Tung Sue Jan

During my daughter delivery her brain did not get enough oxygen. Her right and left brain hemorrhaged. The doctor assessed cerebral palsy. This was followed by all extremity handicaps. We relied on rehab to help her.

June 2001 she started rehab. She has been in Rehab for about 2 years. Until now there has been no improvement in her hands. Her feet are still stiff. At the end of March 2003 my sister told me about a miracle fiber called Teviron that was helping people. In the beginning of April I bought the whole set of negative ion clothes for my daughter. In May she was eating by herself and was improving a lot. Now my daughter can memorize poems. She can count 1 to 10 and she can recognize and name the colors. In daily communication she can express her self well. Her extremities and her hands and feet have no problems at all. She can move any way she wants. She has good hand eye coordination and good large and small motor skills. Now she can walk with big steps and she can crawl. When she sits down she can stand up with the support of the rail. My daughter used to be very agitated with a bad temper. Now she is mellow and gentle. She constantly had lung congestion. She had mucus all of the time now her lungs are clear.

As a parent I am so happy to see my child have health and a normal life. There is nothing you can compare to the joy of seeing your child healthy. It is most important.

NEFFUL products accomplished my wish that I never thought would come true.
Lin sue Huey, Taiwan
Products use: Whole set

When I was little I had polio. This caused my left side to atrophy. As a result it has been uneasy and inconvenient for me to walk. I married a man who also had polio. We repaired and sold clocks as a business. After we married we had two children. Since my pelvis was undeveloped and I had scoliosis of my spine the births of our children were through c-section. This experience caused me to have severe back pain.

At end of 2002 my friend suggested that my husband use the Negative ion waist band because his atrophy caused him a lot of pain and problems. Soon after he started using the waist band he started felling warmness on his back. Then he felt it all the way to the top of his head. He felt like his whole body was relaxed and he felt good. I knew the products would help my health condition too.

On Feb 2003 my husband was diagnosed with a kidney problem. My friend suggested that he wear the whole set of negative ion clothes but we were reluctant to make the investment. In May my husband started dialysis. At that time the SARS epidemic was in full swing. My husband had a high fever and he was in critical care. We remembered about the negative ion clothes so I called my friend and I bought my husband the whole set. Three to 4 hours after dialysis my husband usually produced only a couple of drops of urine. After using the negative ion clothes for one month his fever went away and he urinated more that 100 cc.

During the summer it was terribly hot in Taiwan. Our shop was busy and we were so busy with our 2 children and the house work that my husband did not wear the negative ion clothes. I did not remind him to use his Nefful clothes. In November 2003 my husband died because of kidney failure. I felt hopeless and tired, disappointed and frustrated thinking about my 2 children who were counting on me to care and provide for them. I had to be able to stand up and take care of my children. My friend encouraged me to be strong and take care of myself. In December I started wearing the product that I had gotten for my husband.

In June 2004 I saw a friend who had not seen me for several years. When he saw me he told me that my color looked good. He was surprised that I looked healthy. He noticed and said you are standing straight up. Why does your color look so good? He asked me: what is your secret remedy? He could not believe that I was so improved. What kind of miracle products are you using? I finally realized that my scoliosis had improved. In November I noticed that I can stand straight up and now my heels can touch the ground. From when I was little and for 40 years I never had the expectation that this would happen to me. I feel so good. I thank The Nefful Company for having such amazing negative ion clothes. Now I have hope and I have confidence to face my life.

NEFFUL gave me back my beautiful life
Manic Depression and Hyperthyroidism-Hypothyroidism
Products use: whole set
Yu Teng Shin, Taiwan

It was just a coincidence that I met Zur lyen AGM in April 2002. She mentioned to me that Teviron products can improve thyroid function. I went to a Production Presentation after her sincere invitation. I am so happy.

Three and a half years ago I was diagnosed with congenital hyperthyroidism. Frequently I used cortisone and frequently I had a high fever. I had to go to the emergency room a lot so I could not take care of my house work and I could not take care of my children. I could not enjoy my relationship with my husband. Several months later I found out that I had manic depression. It was said that I inherited it from my father. I was wondering why God was playing with me in this way. I was confined to a psychiatric hospital. After 2 years even though I had determination to fix my illness I still could not fight the depression. I tried hard to fight the disease. Because of the pressures in my life the illness came back again. I wanted to cry but I had no tears. I was angry with God because He sentenced me to have this problem.

After 2 years I was readmitted to hospital again. I cried every time I saw my children crying. They were taken away from me and given to my mother who took care of my children while I was in hospital. When my children cried I just could not take it. I was so hurt. I do not know how many days and nights I cried. I miss my children.

They used iodine therapy for my hyperthyroidism so I could temporarily improve my health. I had side effects and which caused me to have hypothyroidism. Then I did not have monthly periods. I suffered painful result after painful result.

Now I am so thankful for NEFFUL products. One month after I got the whole set of negative ion clothes and blanket I had my monthly period again. My manic depression disappeared along with my insomnia and anxiety and muscle cramps.

Now I do not need psychotic medicine any more. It was April that I found out about the Nefful products and in June I was pregnant. I was so happy. My children all came back home to me May 10.

NEFFUL helped me get back my beautiful life. A whole family Thanks NEFFUL for such amazing products.
Parkinson's, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Asthma, Sinus, High Blood Pressure Chai Quai Ien, Taiwan
Products used. Whole set

In the beginning of 2000 I had a problem with my wrist so I went to see a neuro surgeon who gave me all kinds of tests. The doctor said I needed to go see the neurologist. It was confirmed that I had Parkinsons disease. I kept searching eastern medicine to find a doctor who would tell me I do not have Parkinson. The eastern doctor who specialized in Neurology confirmed I had Parkinson's.

I went to acupuncture and massage and physical therapy. This only helped my muscles stiffness but my hands were still shaking. I still did not have balance when I walked. I was thinking this is a death sentence and I am going to be doomed with this hopeless illness for the rest of my life. I did not know if this is my luck or what. I met my life saver Emay. She introduced me to Teviron products. I got all the supporters. After several days my hand was aching. I thought Oh this is before it gets better it gets worse. I increased the products to the whole set. Now after 6 months I can raise my hand high. I can walk a steady gait. I can walk a big step. I can raise my leg high. I can run and jog. I can even ride my motorcycle. In 5 years I have never be able to do this. But now I can do it. I am so happy and so thankful.

My mother had asthma and high blood pressure all has improved. My brother had sinus and Spondylitis. Before he needed to go to acupuncture and massage 2 or 3 times a week. Now he do not needed to go anymore.

I am so thankful that Nefful has such amazing product. I call Emay my aunt now. I am very thankful for my mom support and encouragement.

Teviron helped my mom pass through her difficult time
Kidney Failure, Diabetes, Autonomic Nerve Dysfunction, Insomnia, Headache and Weak Heart
Name: Kaub Ming Hung
Product use: whole set

When my mom was young she worked hard even though her blood sugar was over 400. She ignored her diabetes which is very harmful. Her metabolic system was severely damaged. When she was older she was plagued with all kinds of illnesses because of her diabetes and her metabolic problems. As she got older she got worse. More and more problems piled up. She was on insulin since 1986. Till now in July of 2002 she has been hospitalized every year 3 to 4 times to adjust her insulin dosage. More complications have been happening one right after the other. Her eyes got cataracts so she had surgery. Her heart was weak and she had angina. Because of her health condition the doctors were afraid to do anything. Surgery would be dangerous because of her diabetes. Her kidneys failed and she needed dialysis. She got neuropathy of her feet and hands. She got degenerative arthritis and insomnia. She took 2 or 3 sleeping pills at a time but she still could not sleep. My mom was such a caring loving person she still took care of my father every day.

Two years ago my father suddenly passed away. My mother was so mentally depended on her husband she became despondent and all of her illnesses became more pronounced. As a son I did not know how to take care of my mother. In this critical period our life saver Lin Lie, an AGM with the Nefful Company, introduced me to negative ion products. My mom did not like direct sales and she told me not to buy it. I tried very hard to convince her to try it. I got her a clean cloth to put around her neck. She felt good because of the clean cloth. Her neck felt much better so I got the whole set for her. Now my mom uses the whole set of Teviron her health has much improved her blood sugar had been 450 to 500. It dropped down to 120 to 180. The insulin dose dropped 8 units. Her heart no longer needed nitroglycerine. Her kidney function has much improved and she did not need dialysis any more. Amazingly now she does not need sleeping pills to make her sleep. Now she eats well and sleeps well. Her immunity has improved and has helped her fight all her illnesses.

Thanks for Lin Lei for encouraging me and I have such a blessing using this amazing products. Now I have success in this helping people business.






Rheumatoid arthritis

I have been wearing the negative ion socks for 3 months. The socks relieved the pain in my feet that I have been experiencing for years due to rheumatoid arthritis. They are wonderful!
E. Luckenbach RN Lake Mary, FL


Throat, stiff neck from restless nights, vocal cords

Hi, my name is Roger Mike. owner of a small independent record company " The Mike's On". I was introduced to Nefful Neck Warmers through Michael Stephens, who convinced me of the positive effects negative ions could have on me. Being a minister of music, and choir director of several major choirs in the area, my throat is over worked, and I can truthfully say the neck warmer is the best thing ever for my throat,stiff neck from restless nights, vocal cords and my nasal area( it clears my nasal passage over night).

With my busy schedule and on the road life style, every night of the week rehearsals, I've encouraged every choir member to purchase a neck warmer. My thanks to Nefful for being so creative through nature's way of cloth material that protects and helps us.

May God forever bless
Roger Mike