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Teviron Scientific research

NEFFUL's Teviron, the amazing fiber has the unique capacity of always gaining electrons and thus negatively charged.

Teviron is a synthetic fabric extracted from petroleum. Its chemical name is polyvinyl chloride. It was invented in Japan over 30 years ago in Japan by TeiJin Corporation.

TeiJin Corp. in Japan developed the process of Teviron with over 100 years of history in clothing industry, but after the second world war, the public health was declining so the fiber Teviron with Negative Ions came about. Teviron is one kind of Polyvinyl Chloride extracted from petroleum it is passed through a solution of acetone and benzene to transform in to a fiber we have now also created a very familiar substances like your ball-point pen you write with daily and the film we use for pictures taking. Both these items are all derived from Polyvinyl Chloride + Teviron, fibers that is woven into fabrics for clothing. It has won many awards and recognition in Japan including the Ohkohchi Prize , the Macromolecule Society Prize, and the Onshi Invention Prize . The Onshi Invention prize was awarded by the late Japanese Emperor, Showa, to recognize Teviron's contribution to the Japan's human health, economics and society and the list goes on.

Prestigious Awards:Ohkohchi Prize , the Macromolecule Society Prize, and the Onshi Invention Prize


Teviron is the Chlorinated Polyethylene (CPE) extracted from petroleum, and via acetone and benzene acting as a solvent, CPE is fabricated into a high tech fiber. The clothes made from the fiber will generate negative electrostatic charges, which is like an invisible protective layer covering the human body and protecting it all times, anywhere, and strengthening the immunity system of the body. Chlorine plays an important role in the reason that Teviron is able to generate negative electrostatic charges. In the periodic table, the atomic number of "chlorine" is 17, which means that it carries 17 electrons with negative charges, which is identical to the number of positive protons in the nucleus. Hence chlorine demonstrates an electrically neutral property. According to the chemical experimental properties of chlorine, in order to achieve the stable state of chlorine, the easiest method is to grab an electron from the air, then the number of electrons will be one greater than the number of protons, making negative charges higher than the positive charges.

This chemical property of "chlorine" allows Teviron to carry negative electrostatic charges, and also produces a healthy effect on the human body. Teviron Clothing provide a negative-ion enriched environment that is beneficial to people who live in an Negative Ions deficiency environment. Negative ions are known to improve human's well beings. There is no question that ion generators can produce ample ions to improve the air quality of the living space it is installed for. However, there are many problems associated with these electrically driven devices, which include:

1. Odor: These generators produce oxides of nitrogen as a byproduct, which can act as a lung irritant and result in a pungent metallic or bleach-like odor.
2. Maintenance: These motor driven generators require frequent cleaning.
3. Cost of replacement parts: Air filters need to be replaced and glass plates often break during cleaning.
4. Noise: A small motor must be used to draw more air through the filter of these systems which, in turn, produces sounds which are counter-productive to a serene and relaxing environment.
5. Ozone: A poorly designed ion generator may emit ozone and with it, nitrous oxide. These substances can be toxic. The accepted level of ozone is 0.1 ppm (parts per million.).
6. Immobility: One can not move around with an ion generator. Once you leave an "Ionized" room, you are exposed to the harmful environment that the ion generator tried to protect you from.

Moreover, the conventional ion generators have been implicated to be health hazardous in a report "No Positive Effects From Negative Ion Therapy" by George Nava True II (Link).

Teviron's Market Prospect:

1. There are no other Competitor in the same industry.
2. Health and Beauty are common goals pursued by all human beings.
3. Diversified products that are suitable for all ages and both sexes. 4. The multifunctional, easy-to-use and economical not only enhance health and beauty in a natural way but also Efficient and Safe.
5. They have won three major awards throughout the years.
6. Its rewarding and promising future will be reflected through the growing popularity of the product worldwide.


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