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Wellness Qigong (Chi kung)




Wellness Powered by Qi

Training Workshop, Courses and Private class

Powered by Qi energy


Our Qigong course consists of two main branches: i) Martial ii) Healing

Martial Qigong of the Internal School

To strengthen muscle, ligaments, tendons and bone.
To produce a strong, springy energy suitable for defense
Withstand some hard knocks
To develop Root
Increase power in striking

Healing Qigong PLUS

Enhance healing through Qigong focus and relaxation
Train calmness and stillness of mind
Breathing training
Mind training against dis-ease
Potentially increase : body strength (don't feel cold). enhance vitality (not tired out easily, lack of energy), full of enthusiasm (not drained).


The course will benefit all participants young and old, robust or sickly.  For those with ailments, Wellness Qigong is known to help such ailments as fatigue, rheumatism, gastric problems, backaches, headaches, general stress, prone to infection, overweight, high blood pressure, diabetes, High PSA, Cancer recovery etc.



Sifu Yeap
Sifu E.K Yeap

Sifu Yeap Eit Keung has over 30 years experience in teaching Tai Chi and Qigong (since 1976) both overseas and locally. (More here)

Dress Requirements 

Loose, comfortable exercise attire.  Flat soled shoes.

Individuals and Organisations who have been taught by Master Yeap

  • Ananda Krishna
  • Tengku Rogayah (Johor)
  • Ng Family (Life Records)
  • Nestle Pre-retirement groups
  • Shiro Paper
  • University of New South Wales
  • Citibank Corporate (Malaysia)
  • Persatuan Kebajikan Darul Najjah
  • Niosh
  • Petronas


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