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Wellness Tai chi-Chi kung Seminar


About the Seminar

Our Seminar and Workshop Series "More Energy, More Alertness, Peace of Mind" will teach  you methods, techniques and technologies to have more energy, more alertness and peace of mind in your life. They program is based on understanding and training your life Tai chi , chi kung, (Bio) energy or life forces, through raising your awareness to them. You will learn to quieten your chattering mind through new understanding and techniques.  The results are you live life with more available energy, less worry, less conflicts and better lifestyle.

About the Speaker

Sifu Yeap

E.K Yeap

Author, Speaker, Founder and Principal Trainer in WellnessBioChi.

Drawing on his experience spanning 30 years from competitive sports, nutritional science, E.K Yeap shares the ancient traditional disciplines and exercises like Visualization, Tai chi and Qigong and its benefits in the modern stress filled, busy world of ours. 

He teaches Tai chi and combines the ancient discoveries and knowledge with modern, cutting edge break-through discoveries in Science. He uses simple layman language to describe and bring you to new levels of understanding in wellness and awaken your own 'Internal Healer'.

He is the author of the book "Master Key To Wellness & Energy: Unlock More Energy, More Money and More Life in a Stress Filled World"

He has spoken and taught to organizations like Citibank, Nestle Group, Petronas, Berjaya Hotel, and others. Mr Yeap has appeared on National TV (RTM TV2) in a 13-week episode of "Get In Shape", and on NTV7.


Who Should Attend:

  1. You're at work and are stressed by the daily traffic woes as well as handling work and family.
  2. You worry about your financial wellbeing.
  3. Have injuries or pains in your body - eg. back, shoulders, knee.
  4. Don't seem to be 'present' when your child/spouse calls for your attention. 
  5. You don't have much time for yourself as there's too much to do at work and in the family circles.
  6. You have chronic sickness and are on medications.
  7. Don't get along with sibling (and you're already in your middle-age years)
  8. Your mind chatters endlessly about things to be done; or how difficult things are - you feel ready to collapse with exhaustion and feeling of despair and hopelessness. You feel life is getting you down.
  9. You love to learn more about various Eastern health, mind-sets and philosophical approaches, but with some "scientific" basis and explanations.
  10. You would love to have more energy, more alertness and peace of mind at the end of the day.

Registration & Fees:

Date, Day: 26 April 2014, Saturday

Time: 2.30-5.30 pm

Venue: WIM (Women's Institute of Management),
7 Jalan Abang Haji Openg
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur
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Fees: Full Walk in Price is RM200,

Early Bird Discounts as follows:

Early Bird price is RM150. Register & Payment by 12 April 2014. (SPC Code. Enter "Early Bird")

Graduates of our Wellness Tai chi classes or workshops - only RM99. Register & Payment by 12 April 2014. (SPC Code. Enter "Student")


Please deposit online to:

MBB account No: 114196517007

Name: Yeap Eit Keung


Kindly EMAIL the record of your payment to Peggy Lee,  Event Coordinator at 016-238 5393 or support@wellnessbiochi.com

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