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Wellness Tai Chi

Gateway to Internal Treasures™

Learn the Secret to Longevity, Rejuvenation and Stress-free living with Tai chi


Tai chi Free Preview

Come for our free initial class where we will share more information about Tai chi : Its history, philosophy, health benefits and research, as well as participate in the introductory exercises.

Broad overview of curriculum
4+1 Pillars of Tai chi class.

1. Strengthening, and flexibility training.
2. Breathing.
3. Quieting the Mind.
4. Tai chi movements: developing grace and balance, stability and concentration.
5. Optional: Gentle but usable Self Defence in the urban setting.

Venue: level 25-B (in the gym.) in the Alliance Bank building in Capital Square in Jalan Munshi Abdullah. Kuala Lumpur.

Date: Monday, 28th March 2016.

Time: 615 pm - 715 pm.

Fees: RM 435 per semester of 12 weeks

Location: Menara Multipurpose - Alliance Bank, Capital Square Sdn. Bhd., Drive there using Waze: https://waze.to/lr/hw283fnrhx

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