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Tai chi Articles

Tai Chi - Insights and Clarifications from Masters and Practitioners

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Master KOH AH TEE on Cheng Man-ching's teaching

13 Questions and Answers with Master Huang Sheng Shyan

A Lesson with William Chen

True Taijiquan from Yang Chen-fu

The Important Principle of Tseo-Hua (Neutralizing)

Cheng Man ching later year 37 step - emphasis on single weighting - By E.K Yeap

The use of Soong (looseness) in the Wrists, elbows and shoulders in Push Hands Practice - By E.K Yeap

Tai chi Push Hands Training: How to Maintain your Freedom - By E.K Yeap





Tai Chi - Modern Science & Research

Tai chi Health~ Medical Benefits: Diabetes, Heart disease, Osteoporosis etc

Tai chi & Osteoporosis & Menopause

Tai chi may help reuce falls in the Elderly

Balance for life

Tai chi therapy benefit peripheral neuropathy

Scientific evidence from California research

Corporate Tai Chi

Diabetes and Qi gong & Tai chi

Scientifice overview

Tai chi Boost Immunity to Shingles in Older adults




Tai Chi Videos

Tai chi video

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