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Tai chi Push Hands Training: How to Maintain your Freedom

Creating Space and Increasing your degree of Freedom in Push Hands - By E.K Yeap.

We need space in order not to be caught and hence be hit or pushed by the opponent.

When we have space, you can have movement. And with movement you can have freedom. Consequently, with movement we further create space, for further advantageous movement.

These initial movements even when we seem trapped - maybe big movements or small - hair breadth movements. But it gives a very large advantage to us.

When your opponent pressure your arm and it feels like the joints are locked, we keep cool and got to be aware and still continue to move the joint (in ever so little, possibly in another direction, without opposing the oncoming force) or move the joint that is next to the particular joint that is being attacked.

The small movement can cause the opponent to be over extended, and ourselves to be in a better situation. And when the opponent is moved by us, without his conscious awareness, we can continue to move him even more because 'a moving body is easier to move'.


We seek to move our joint that is further away from the point of contact. For example if the opponent presses at our elbow, we may move the shoulder. If the opponent pressures us at our shoulder, we may look for a solution by loosening at the waist, or knee.

This changes being at a disadvantage to being at an advantageous position. When we moved from another joint the opponent cannot detect the move. We say we don’t telegraph or give the opponent a platform to act.

Reason is that with movement that is further away from the point of contact, the opponent is not alarmed by the movement, and therefore does not respond to it - until it's too late!

In summary.

Space => allows Movement => gains Freedom