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Wellness Tai Chi

Gateway to Internal Treasures™

Tai chi & Mindfulness Training For Creativity and Productivity in Corporate Training

Creativity and Productivity from Tai chi & Mindfulness Short courses and Workshop

Declutter your mind

In today’s society and work environment, you seek to have creative and innovative ideas to stay ahead of the competition, either in business or at work.

This requires to “think outside the box”, and to tap your intuition, and do things that we would not normally do. Normal thinking is the norm. Learn how to access more depth and intelligence, including Body-kenesthetic, Inter-personal, intra-personal and Intuitive.


Access Multiple intelligences.

Above: Howard Gardner multiple intelligences chart.


Apply Tai chi principles including - learning to let go of tensions, non-resistance, ‘acceptance & then redirect’. Also study into effortless power helps open up new possibilities.

In becoming loose physically and mentally, you can become more flexible and can look at various fresh angles.

Mindfulness Training

In the Flow: Effortless Power

Mindfulness exercises help us to let go of attachment to outcome or destination and learn to flow through more effortless changes.

De-clutter Your Mind

In Breathing training and Universal Standing Post - we enter into meditative-like states of quiet. In this quiet space, possibilities arise. Insights can arise.

Another benefit of stillness training and meditation is that you de-clutter your mind.  Its like the computer function - ‘defrag’.  In your quiet time, you allow the bits and pieces of info to be organized and filed, while you enjoy the down time.