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Wellness Tai Chi

Gateway to Internal Treasures™


Personal, private Tai chi (taiji) class available. One-to-one or small group in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, and Klang Valley in Malaysia. Suitable for individuals, families, corporations (Bring Tai chi to Your Board Room), corporate seminars and communities.

Some students / Clients include:

  1. Citibank Malaysia
  2. Duke Corporate Education
  3. Nestle Malaysia
  4. Polis HQ Petaling Jaya
  5. Berjaya Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
  6. MIDF
  7. Shiro Paper
  8. Ananda Krishnan
Check out how tai chi Corporate training can help in creativity and productivity here.

Inquiries for private classes and workshops here.

Workshops/ Classes: Qigong for healing: More here.

Recent update on Wellness Tai chi curriculum here.

Learn the Wu Jian Chuan style, and the later Cheng Man ching 37 postures (see sequence here).

Wu Style and Cheng style Tai chi
Wu chien chuan
Cheng Man ching
Master Wu Jian Chuan
Professor Cheng Man-ching
. .
Sifu Yeap
Sifu Yeap


For Health and wellness. Develop grace, poise, balance, focus.
Included in the course: "Stillness Self Healing sessions". Rid dis-ease without drugs or surgery.

Advanced classes: Pushing Hands and self defense. To understand more deeply the play of yin and yang. Develop ching (jing), ability to withstand blows to the body, learn rooting, fa-jing (express energy jing).

Self defense classes for adults, women, and teens, click here


In Tai Chi you're always moving, but always under complete control. There's no overextension, no wasted effort. The body moves as one with the arms, feet, waist and body parts balanced in circular movement - moving, rotating, transforming. The weight shifts continuously, evenly, and under complete control throughout the form, coming to rest briefly, but completely on one leg or the other as the next element of the form unfolds.

Throughout the form, the body remains soft and relaxed, as if suspended from the top of the head the whole body is liken to pearls joined by a thread.

The mind is centered on each movement, assessing the alignment and correctness of the form, focusing on feeling the flow - from substantial to insubstantial in each movement and vise versa.

Breathing in through the nose slow and even, inhaling during contractions, and exhaling during expansions of the form.

The benefits of Tai chi has been evaluated and used in Universities, Hospitals and Alternative Health centers for improving health and wellness. (See scientific articles on Tai chi)

Updates on Tai chi page

Introductory video on Tai chi page

Feb 2018: Tai chi Next Level - " Tai chi Next Level & Push Hands" is the workshop you should not miss. Deeper understanding of Yin and Yang, Polarities, develop rooting power and much more.. Register your attendance - in Kuala Lumpur (April 2018).

Push Hands - to Calmness, and Clarity

Mindfullness training
Aug 2018: Mindfulness Training for Business environment. Mindfulness Training now available. Contact us.

Apr 2018: Learn Online: Life Tai chi and Qigong coaching. For students of Tai chi of our workshops or classes. Further your understanding. Reasons for online participation More here.

Live Online coaching

Feb 2018: Learn the Secrets of Longevity, Rejuvenation and Stress Free Living via Tai chi - At Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Check out our Bukit Antarabangsa event.

Free Preview Ampang

Feb 2015: Update on Wellness Tai chi curriculum: Here


Apr 2014: Wellness Seminar & Workshop
Next Seminar & Workshop: "More Energy, More Alertness, Peace of Mind" in April 2014


May 2014: On-going Classes and Enrollments in Citibank (staff), Kuala Lumpur

Oct 2014: Book by Sifu E.K Yeap:: MasterKey To Wellness and Energy.

masterkey to wellness and energy

Archived News

ABC News Report - on Tai chi and Qigong


1/10: Sifu Yeap and several students were interviewed for the Show MHI (Malaysia Hari Ini). More.

RTM212/09: Tai chi On T.V: Watch Sifu Yeap and students on RTM2 on Wednesday 6.30am, "Get in Shape", a 13 weekly episodes featuring Tai chi and 3 other health exercises. Starts 23/12/09.

Wellness tai chi

Tai chi Push hands classes in KL & PJ

7/09: Video Interview with The Star online.
Self defense for women

2/09: Articles on Tai chi medical benefits, Immunity improvement to virus

We are looking for someone who will learn Tai chi. He or she will learn and appear on Malaysian TV (RTM 2). >> Details

Sifu Yeap
Sifu E.K Yeap

Corporate seminars & events: More

What some Student's Say about Tai chi: feedback

Get our DVD:Flowing in The Now: Tai chi 37 Here

TC Video




Archived news Here


Tai Chi Chuan 
Training Workshop and Courses


Tai Chi is an ancient system of exercise and martial arts enduring and thriving in the modern world.  Its principles are:

Being Deeply and thoroughly Relaxed (song)

Being non Resisting

Cultivating and circulating the internal energy “chi”,

Sensing and detecting energy;  Using “4 ounces to deflect 1000 pounds” in self defense strategy,

Based on Yin Yang understanding: that “Within strength; there is weakness”; and similarly “Within weakness, there is strength.”.


Tai Chi for health Program

TAI CHI- is an ancient system of exercise that emphasizes effortless breathing, flowing movements and proper body coordination.(Watch video online here)

  • It is suitable for the young and old; robust or sickly
  • For maintaining and improving physical, mental, neurological health
  • For developing grace, poise and Balance
  • Cultivation of the internal energy “chi”
  • Prolong life, sustain good health

Tai Chi for health is based on the concept that “Prevention is better than cure”, and that daily, regular Tai Chi exercises tones muscles, clears metabolic toxins, and rejuvenates the body from the stress of modern life. 

The central nervous system, and internal organs which are vital to good health are tonified by the exercises.  This is because in Tai Chi the movements are led by the waist, and are not just flowery movements of the hands alone.

The low stable postures require us to be always balanced on one leg at a time.  These requirements plus the rhythmic breathing enhances blood circulation while strengthening the legs.

Tai Chi exercises uses smooth movement, strict postural requirements and utilizes an energy likened to “pulling silk from a cocoon”.

The combination of slow rhythmic movements, calm concentrated disposition and centeredness enhance relaxation and serenity.  This serenity is likened to meditation in motion.


The course will benefit all participants young and old, robust or sickly.  For those with ailments, Tai Chi is known to help such ailments as fatigue, rheumatism, gastric problems, backaches, headaches, general stress, prone to infection, overweight, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.



Sifu Yeap Eit Keung has over 30 years experience in teaching Tai Chi (since 1976) both overseas and locally. (More here)

Dress Requirements 

Loose, comfortable exercise attire.  Flat soled shoes.

Basic Posture Requirements 

1. Suspend the Head from the Top
2. The tongue is placed against the palate.
3. Keep the chin in, don’t protrude the chin.
4. Tail bone must be vertical - don’t protrude.
5. Shoulders & elbows to “sink.”
6. Relax the chest (don't protrude) , so that the chi can sink down to the tan tien.
7. Distinguish the solid and the empty.
8. Always Be Relaxed
9. Eye level is to be steady; do not bob up and down.
10.Sink your root to the sole of your feet.

Individuals and Organisations who have been taught by Master Yeap

  • Ananda Krishna
  • Tengku Rogayah (Johor)
  • Ng Family (Life Records)
  • Nestle Pre-retirement groups
  • Shiro Paper
  • University of New South Wales
  • Citibank Corporate (Malaysia)
  • Persatuan Kebajikan Darul Najjah
  • Niosh
  • Petronas


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To know Tai Chi – is to know the interplay of Iron and Silk in Life

yin yang