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Gateway to Internal Treasures™

Tai chi Push Hands Classes in Sydney, Australia


Tai Chi Push Hands (推手) Workshop - Next Level Training to understand the Deeper aspects of Yielding and Softness.


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Push hands is a unique training of Internal Martial arts schools such as Tai chi, Xingi, Bagua etc that enable students to practise the principles of yielding and using softness to overcome hardness.

The push hands that we teach is in effect mindfulness push hands or practising with full awareness of the movements, all the time.

Video: Tai chi Push hands Play


Tai chi Push Hands. The Art of Instant Allowing and Non - Resistance

Partner Practice - Push Hands and Sticking Hands. The Real reasons why you Need these Practices.


Push hands and Sticking Hands are the unique training methods of Tai chi that enable students to practise the principles of yielding and using softness to overcome hardness. This practise allows one to develope new responses in a cooperative manner. You develop to be stronger, yet more sensitive and develop in as safe environment (much less chance to get hurt).

Our system of KWS-Tai chi Push hands is unique with the insights and techniques of the KWS internal system not found anywhere else.

What You will Learn and Who it is for:

  • Using Yielding to overcome Hardness
  • Understanding that within Yin there is Yang (substantiality)
  • Training smoothness as true speed
  • Physical, Mental and neuro sensory motor skills to respond automatically, and not react blindly
  • Sensing and Allowing forces (to come)
  • How to use "4 ounces to overcome 1000 pounds"
  • Stepping and Body work
  • Practitioners of different Tai chi and other martial arts styles are welcomed

Why Train in Push Hands?

To awaken and raise your awareness to tensions and outside forces. 99% of people stiffen up on contact - despite years and years of "Tai chi practice". Their response is either too hard or conversely too soft - misinterpreting the meaning of the soft art, and of yielding. Or, forgetting all about softness and resort to hardness. What is missing is the blended strength - hardness within softness.

And to remain relaxed in the face of challenges. To cut down reactive thoughts and actions. Hence staying calm, with understanding and clarity. To eliminate jerky movements in responding to opponent's on coming forces. 

Anger, judgments and condemnation are all reactive reactions. And they occur at work, at home or in an physical encounter.  Push hands practice help you raise above this.


Importance of breathing.

Correct Alignment work. "Threading the nine pearls."

Internalizing Your work and Movements.

Uses of Circles. Big and small. Internal circles.

Relaxation response in the face of stress and incoming forces. Cutting down on reactive movements such as jerky movements.

Nature of simple direct force, and its inherent weakness within its fierceness. Splitting Forces.

Using the Body, Legs and not just Arms - rooting and redirecting. Learning to integrate the whole body.

Acceptance vs Resistance.

Transition from brute muscular force (li) to internal, pliable strength (jing).Springy enery and explosive power.

The Internal Martial arts approach to defending one self against forces. Yielding and neutralising.

Study of Separation and Unity in partner practice.


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Master E.K Yeap
Founder and Principal Trainer Wellness Tai Chi

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What Some Students Say about Push Hands Classes

Raymond Leung - Alliance Bank Tai chi

Raymond Leung
Group Chief Operating Officer
Alliance Bank, Kuala Lumpur

The training took me to new levels of understanding about reading forces. I'm really appreciating using the opponent's forces to my advantage.

I feel more stable/balanced with the moves and gain some basic skill on the push hand, and got better feeling in sensing and deflecting away the coming forces.

I have learned new techniques and skills in practicing and improving the basic movements with concentration on certain parts of my body, e.g., rooting, breathing and applying energy.


Articles on Push Hands Practice by Sifu E.K Yeap

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