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Personal Invitation from Dwayne Dyer

XanGo's 4th Annual International Convention November 16th-18th  in Salt Lake City

Dear Friends,

I want to extend to each of you a personal invitation to attend XanGo's 4th Annual Convention. Convention is such a vital event to attend! Its like Gordon says, "Leaders are born at events."

Leaders not only attend meetings, but they also bring others with them. This is one of the biggest ways to motivate your group, so make sure you lead by example: You need to DO what you want your group to do. This is a perfect time to take advantage, because XanGo's biggest leaders are doing breakout sessions that you can only find at Convention.

I love the Analogy of the Hot Coals: When you take a hot coal and remove it from the rest, it turns cold, but if you keep it lit by the fire it will burn bright & hot for hours. Momentum from Convention can be thought of in much the same way: The fire that Convention brings will burn right through December and well into 2007.

Make sure you keep your coals with the rest.  Make your plans with your group and register for Convention today! Click here for online registration or make all your arrangements by calling SLCVB at 800.217.0002.

Dwayne Dyer
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