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How to Buy Viagra Online: 10 Quick Tips
 by: Antonio LeMaire

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As you may have noticed, there are thousands of Internet pharmacies where you can order and buy Viagra online. Allowing web users to order Viagra online from the privacy of their homes has been a great boon to both consumers and sellers, creating a cottage industry of Viagra vendors. Some actually deliver what they promise... but not all of them.

Order Viagra With Caution

For example, some online vendors claim they sell authentic Viagra for a dollar or two per pill. This is NOT real Viagra. But you won't know that until your Viagra order arrives. It may look like the little blue pill, it may even come in what looks like an authentic package. You'll only discover the deception when the medication fails to work. Or worse, it makes you sick.

Knowing which online pharmacy to trust can be confusing. Researching them all is impossible. So before you randomly choose where to buy Viagra online, read these reliability tips. They will help you weed through the vendors and find one you can trust for a genuine product, good service and fair pricing.

Choosing a Viagra Online Vendor:

Does the website have US-licensed physicians and pharmacists on staff who can properly assess your medical information, issue a prescription, and dispense your Viagra order?

Is the online pharmacy's headquarters in the US?

Do they have reliable 24-hour customer service and a toll free line? (Try calling and asking questions before you order Viagra online from any vendor.)

Does the pharmacy sell ONLY FDA-approved genuine Viagra? Remember: If it's too cheap, you're getting a fake. Generic Viagra does not exist – Pfizer continues to hold the patent – but illegal fake copies are out there. They have not been approved by the FDA and could risk your health. (See this article on Herbal Viagra for more information about fraudulent Viagra claims.)

Beware Viagra online vendors who encourage you to buy the 100 mg tablets and break them into smaller doses to save money. Genuine Viagra pills are NOT scored, they have a hard outer coating, and cannot easily be divided even with a pill cutter. It is always best to order the correct dosage.

Do seek out Viagra online pharmacies that offer loyalty discounts and special offers, for example a certain percentage off refills. eDrugstore.md also offers a free consultation while other pharmacies charge up to $50. Careful selection will save you money when you buy Viagra online.

Just like size, sometimes appearances DO matter. Avoid online pharmacies with shoddy looking or single page websites that look like they were slapped together yesterday. Chances are they were. And if the English is poor, you may be dealing with an offshore pharmacy masquerading as a homegrown US business.

Narrow your search to include Viagra pharmacies that offer a comprehensive online library of information about the product(s) they sell. This indicates they care about ensuring their customers are informed about the drugs they take.

Look for the secure symbol in the website's address (https://). This layer of security protects your medical and credit card information.

Finally, buy your Viagra online from a pharmacy with at least four or five years in business. They are in it for the long haul, not here-today-gone-tomorrow, so you can trust them with your business.

In short, you need to employ a healthy dose of consumer caution when you order Viagra online from a pharmacy that you've never used before. Getting a positive recommendation from a trusted friend is always the best way to go. Plus the ten tips above will help you avoid disappointment and money wasted.

About The Author

Antonio LeMaire is a Search Engine Optimization expert, boasting over 7 years of algorithmic search and paid search advertising. Helping a number of Online Pharmacies like: Online Pharmacy - http://www.edrugstore.md/



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