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Heal your Mind
By E.K Yeap

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When you have aches and pains, it appears that the body is unwell and in pain. Actually it is the mind that is un-well and that leads to the body being un-well.

If you are sick, have chronic pain, or an immune system imbalance, or relentless headaches...
It is your stress that is causing anxiety and affecting your health.

What is Disease? When we become separate - the body and mind is not in alignment we are in trouble.The body is basically a bag of water and bones - nothing very precious in there really. When the body and mind are not in alignment there is lack of ease - dis-ease. Body not at ease. All fazzled.

How to be at ease and in alignment again?

To Be at ease. Just smile. Stillness and Meditation allows the body and mind to come together. Conscious breathing is a key to this. Doing things that bring joy and fun supports the body getting well.

the path to wellness begins here. Body is designed to be whole. When it is aligned with the mind - it promotes self healing and protects the body against illness and disease.

Stress and fear - you can't control the world around you, but you can control within you. The inner creates the outer. - All the time.  The journey is simple, but not always easy.  It starts with not blaming others for our problems. Its so easy to "lay blame" or justify for our misfortunes - whether it is health or financials.

The Body consists of the physical, emotional, spiritual aspects. Heart disease is one of a long list of illnesses that worsen with depression.

Joy - your Peace medicine

Joy is from within, as opposed as anger - anger uses you. Fear, anger, hate, and revenge are the most destructive forms of energy that a person can become embroiled in. Do some thing that bring you joy in your life. Simple things, like a massage, kicking sand on the beach, putting together a jig saw puzzle, playing with your cat, gardening etc, etc. You get the picture. Something that brings you peace and absorption.

Conscious Breathing

When you are anxious you have short breathing. This is an entire subject on its own. With conscious breathing- it gets you to calm down. Your body indicators - Blood pressure lowers, your heart beat lowers, the happiness hormones are released.

In our society there is so much of stress causing the body to have the fight or flight response. Adrenalin is pumped out. Conscious breathing allows you to come back to center quickly.

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