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Chinese Herbs for Enhanced Libido - 5 of the Best Herbs for Higher Sex Drive
by kelly Price


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Chinese herbs have been used for centuries to enhance and increase libido and they work. Today, rather than resorting to prescription drugs, try some Chinese herbs first not only will they increase libido, they will increase overall wellness to. Let's look at why they work and some of the best ones to take.

Chinese medicine is concerned with treating ALL the causes of low libido and impotence and this means to increase libido you need to look at several areas.

Here are common causes of lack of libido

1. Stress, fatigue and depression

When our bodies are stressed and tired we simply don't feel "in the mood" and it's a major cause of low libido

2. Lack of Nitric Oxide

If you have never heard of this chemical then you should know about it - it's vital in the erection process! Nitric oxide production allows the blood vessels of the genitals to relax and blood to flow in and create an erection. If you don't have enough, you wont get an erection it's as simple as that. Nitric oxide declines naturally with age and many men need to top it up.

3. Testosterone Levels

Well you probably know this is the vital male hormone so we don't need to say to much more than that - its vital for sex drive!

So what herbs should you take?

There are a lot of herbs - but here we are going to look at some of the best Chinese Herbs to combat low libido.

Ginseng and Gingko Bilbao

The most popular Chinese herbs and with good reason they have been used for centuries as general body wellness tonics and to increase sex drive. They improve mood, combat stress and help promote healthy blood flow and are believed to help with nitric oxide production.

A great combo for better health and increased libido.

Horny Goat Weed

More than a catchy name, this herb helps increase nitric oxide levels and testosterone, as well as acting as a body tonic.

One of the best Chinese herbs for increased libido.

Now let's look at a couple that are not so well known - but are complement the above three perfectly to create a powerful libido enhancing cocktail.


Cnidium is one of the most powerful herbs to increase sexual potency, increase libido and treat erectile dysfunction. It works like prescription drugs to increase nitric oxide levels and inhibit PDE-5. The net result of this is an erection can be maintained for longer. Cnidium also helps promote healthy blood circulation, around the body and to the genitals.

Schizandra Berries

This ancient powerful Chinese aphrodisiac, increases sexual stamina and strengthens the sex organs, as well as helping to fight fatigue, stress and lift mood.

We have given you just 5 Chinese herbs to increase libido and maintain peak sexual performance - there are many more but if you are in general good health, eat well and are physically fit, the above cocktail of herbs will not only help you increase libido, they will make you feel better generally and increase overall wellness.

To increase your sex drive you need to target your overall health and these herbs do just that - helping with nitric oxide and testosterone production, combating stress, increasing energy levels and promoting healthy blood circulation.

Chinese herbs for enhanced libido are a safe and natural way route to sexual wellness which have helped hundreds of millions of people over the centuries and could help you to - try them and see.

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