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.Learn Tai chi in Kuala Lumpur; and your participation will be featured on Malaysian TV!!!

Unique opportunity to learn Tai chi and be a "Star"

Wellness Tai chi



Learn Tai chi, but more than that you will also be featured on TV in the up coming on RTM 2 program "Get in Shape".


This is a 13 episode series which will be shot and aired on a morning show on RTM 2. It is a documentary helping viewers to see and understand the exercise dicipline.

It is not a competition, but the style is like a TV-reality-show, where you (the Tai chi student) are featured from the beginning of your study to the end of the training.

Other exercise modules will be featured in the program (by other teachers and participants) will be such as exercise regiment as Gym, Capoeira, etc.

We are now looking for a participant to take the challenge: Please submit your name for our short list for consideration. Some guidelines:

  • He/she will take Tai chi lessons 3 times a week for one month.
  • Not necessary to have experience in learning Tai chi.
  • No barrier on your race or religion.
  • Venue: Outdoor park (Taman tun Dr Ismail - tentative)
  • Tine of training : around 7 am - 8 am (can adjust to suit) for one hour for 3 times a week
  • Must attend all classes.
  • Instructions are in English
  • Age: Over 18 years
  • Tuition fees: Nominal amount of RM300 only.  The private instruction by the Sifu is normally RM2,000.
  • Scheduled start: around 21st December 2008 for one month. Update: start on 26th December 08.

* Act Now fill in the form below. Closing date 23th Dec 2008:


Please use the form below participate:

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  City :
  Country :
  E-mail :
  Telephone :


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We respect your privacy! We do not sell, rent, or give away customer information for ANY reason whatsoever!








Introduction to Tai Chi:
  • Tai Chi is an ancient system of exercise and martial arts enduring and thriving in the modern world.  Its principles are:

    Being Deeply and thoroughly Relaxed (song)
  • Being non Resisting
  • Cultivating and circulating the internal energy “chi”,

    Sensing and detecting energy;  Using “4 ounces to deflect 1000 pounds” in self defense strategy,

    Based on Yin Yang understanding: that “Within strength; there is weakness”; and similarly “Within weakness, there is strength.”.