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Compensation Plan

It’s time to eliminate every obstacle and pave the pathway to success. The XanGo compensation plan provides a clear and simple road to accomplish everything you’ve ever dreamed. A full fifty per cent of each bottle of XanGo® Juice sold goes straight back to commission payments. No tricks. No fuzzy math. Just unlimited potential and a product that demands attention.

Reasons to love the XanGo compensation plan:

  • Round numbers
  • No changes to your earning potential (breakage)
  • 50% commission paid on EVERY bottle of XanGo® Juice sold
  • Simplicity

Check the details of the compensation plan, there’s a simple satisfaction in this non-complex action.

Streamline Sponsoring : Power Sponsoring in one line in the Xanmasters Team

This is our team strategy to grow and to assist our team to grow and earn money.

Check out the following link to give you full, exciting details about structuring and building your downline team - we call this "streamlining" - building just one line first, letting it have momentum and achieving 20K before building another "leg". 

Click here to continue to view important Streamline Sponsoring Information.



Xango Ranks top 4 in MLM Companies in the USA.