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User's Testimonies

User's Testimonies Amazing - Audio and Pictures

Over 50 audio personal experiences with Mangosteen Juice.

Any personal experiences you hear or read about is not to suggest that you might have  the same reaction. We merely say,

"Try it, we think that you will like the results."

How does Pain Relief work?

The Science behind Cox-2 inhibition and Mangosteen

Check out "Review Medicinal properties of mangosteen" Here

- More Reseach Scientific references here





Video 1: On relieve from i) chronic Pain from a bike accident from a broken back and ii) serious Arthritis pain - causing sleepless nights because - there's no sleep position where there is no pain!


Video 2. Three testimonies - from Can.cer - a person and on animal (dog) - feedback by vet to an unknown kind of health problem:

i). War vetran with acute tumour in his voice box, with 44 sessions of cheomo. Incidentally also a minor problem with Incontinence - both overcomed.

White count from 0.9 (noraml is 4 - 7) raised to 7.5

ii). Dog undergone chemo.

iii). Unknown Serious Pain - moving around his body.


Video 3: Armando DeGuzman MD

He is a successful General practitioner in the USA who enjoyed biking. One day he had a life changing experience on the bike... listen to his story below: