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Quick Link to XanGo Corporate


Xango Press Releases http://xango.net/news_center/index.html  
Corporate Sponsored Events http://xango.net/build/discovery_club.html
Corporate Sponsored Meetings http://xango.net/build/city_meetings.html
Current Executive Message http://xango.net/go_online/html/executive_message.html  
Direct link to the Xango signup page https://go.xango.net/signup/?sid=&pid=
replace the SID with your Dist. ID# & PID with the Placement ID#
Direct link to your Xango back office https://go.xango.net/
List of Contacts and Phone Numbers http://xango.net/misc/contact.html  
Where in the world is XanGo doing business? http://xango.net/build/xango_worldwide.html
Xango Comp Plan - Official site http://xango.net/misc/comp_plan.html  
Xango Company Forms https://go.xango.net/forms.asp  
Xango Corporate site http://xango.net/  
Xango FAQ http://xango.net/misc/company_faq.html  
Xango GOonline Publication http://xango.net/go_online/index.html  
Xango Logo Library https://go.xango.net/tools.asp  
Xango Policies and Procedures http://xango.net/downloads/xango_pp.pdf  

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