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Xango- Patent

Patent #6730333

On May 4th, 2004, XanGo™ was issued United States Patent #6,730,333

Check out the OFFICIAL U.S. Patent that documents just how unique XanGo is. This is a 20-year patent, dated from October 2002, that basically gives us the right to market our product without competition! Guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution! (Make sure to scroll to the bottom and read EXAMPLES.)
(PDF Format)

To read our patent, simply follow these steps:

1)  Click Here (opens new window)

2)  On the left hand side where it says PATENTS, click "Search"

3)  On the next page click "Patent Number Search" and plug in
     our patent number -- 6730333 -- and you're there!


P.s Short cut: click here to view (opens new window)


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- Steve Bean, XanGo™ Patent attorney

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