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Wellness Tai Chi

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Master Yeap Eit Keung

Sifu Yeap Eit Keung is an author, speaker and teacher and has over 30 years experience in teaching Tai Chi (since 1976) both overseas (Australia) and locally in Malaysia.

At a young age, together with his parents he learnt Wu style Tai Chi in Johore Bahru from Sifu OwTuck Seng (disciple of Wu Kung Yi). Later, together with his father, he studied Tai chi, Chi kung (Qi gong) and self defense methods with Sifu Cheong Wah (disciple of Cheng Weng Kwong) in Kuala Lumpur from 1970 to 1975.

In 1976, Sifu Yeap co-founded the Tai Chi Club in University of New South Wales with his sister Jan, in Sydney, Australia, and also taught to outside groups.

He continued training and also teaching in Kuala Lumpur in the 1980s.

He later studied the Later Cheng Man Ching form from Sifu Koh Ah Tee (deciple of Wu Kuo Chung) in early 1990s, and has continued to teach students till today. In 2006 he further studied the internal school of KWS with Grandmaster Dr Alan Koh Tong Boo.

He is the author of the book "Master Key To Wellness & Energy: Unlock More Energy, More Money and More Life in a Stress Filled World".

His style of teaching is contemporary, and insightful.  He is able to explain the dynamics, beauty and power of traditional Tai chi, and Qigong in simple contemporary language, thereby blending the old with the new. He is featured on national TV (RTM) in the 13 episode series "Get In Shape".

He is founder and CEO of his company supplying health & wellness products. He advocates health and prevention of diseases through lifestyle changes, nutrition, meditation and visualization, exercise and being in harmony with Nature.

Some of the participants of his classes and workshops include Ananda Krishna, Citibank Malaysia, Stidents from middle East, from corporates like Prudential UK, Exxon Mobil Singapore. He has also worked with Duke Corporate Education.


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