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Workshops: Corporate seminars, Training workshops, etc

The purpose of our Tai chi workshops are 3 fold.

i) To gather existing Tai chi practitioners of the style we teach, and students of other styles, to meet and have a forum and a opportuntity of sharing among fellow Tai chi enthuaists.

ii) To expose and showcase Tai chi to non-students, i.e. to the general public who have not learnt the art, with the purpose of sharing the benefits and subtilites of the art. This includes :

  • Principles of Tai chi chuan- history and philosophy
  • The 10 important points about posture
  • Softness overcoming Hardness
  • Yeilding - its use in Self defence
  • Using 4 ounces to deflect 1000 pounds
  • Being Deeply and thoroughly Relaxed
  • Demo: Being non Resisting
  • Cultivating and circulating the internal energy “chi”
  • Understand that “Within strength; there is weakness”; and similarly “Within weakness, there is strength.”.

iii) To share about the beauty and benefit of Tai chi during Corporate workshops, often held over several days in a hotel or resort settings. The Tai chi workshop serve also to have a inspirational exercise class. Gentle yet invigorating.


These are organised locally and internationally. Contact us for our programs. Joint programs with other organisations are also welcomed. Sifu Yeap is available to Speak and Train in countries such as Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, S.E Asia and Middle East.


We are so confident that you will enjoy our program, and will benefit from participation that we offer an unconditional money back guarantee for all our programs.

Kindly contact us.

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More Energy, More Alertness, Peace of Mind - Details

Wellness Playshop - Half day or full day session

Tai chi Workshop
Tai Chi Workshop - 1~3 hr.