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Wellness Tai Chi

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Tai chi Intstructor's Training Program

Tai Chi Teachers Training

To move towards improvement and ultimately, Mastery in Tai Chi chuan, one of the important steps that many undergo is to learn to be a teacher, or an assistant teacher .

When you are a teacher you will learn much more about the art. You will learn more widely as well as go deeper so that you can lead a class.

The Modern City Master (MCM) should have i) the skills of teaching and ii) skills of Tai Chi (such as stillness, calmness, relaxations, self defence and so on). However, In addition, our MCM course will also teach about marketing, branding and getting leads as well as and enrollments.

There is no conflict to be a Tai Chi teacher and a financially successful  person.


The purpose of this course - the Tai chi Instructor's Training Program is to develop and certify Tai chi Instructors who can then coach and teach others, thereby propagating the art of Tai chi.

Tai chi practitioners with at least 3 years Tai chi training can participate in our Instructors Training Program.

The program will include theory of Coaching, Wellness as well as intesive Tai chi practice, of forms, weapons of choice, push hand, san sau, and chi gong (qi gong) practice.

Further apprenticeship and then leading certain sections of existing classes are required.

A certificate will be issued on completion of the Course.

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