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Wellness Tai Chi

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Tai chi - What Students say

What Some students say

Raymond Leung - Alliance Bank Tai chi

Raymond Leung
Group Chief Operating Officer
Alliance Bank, Kuala Lumpur

i) Tai Chi Alliance Bank

Master Yeap is a very effective coach and has his own way of sharing his skills, concepts and techniques with his students. I enjoyed the training with him very much.

ii) Advanced Classes (Push Hands)

The training took me to new levels of understanding about reading forces. I'm really appreciating using the opponent's forces to my advantage.

I feel more stable/balanced with the moves and gain some basic skill on the push hand, and got better feeling in sensing and deflecting away the coming forces.

I have learned new techniques and skills in practicing and improving the basic movements with concentration on certain parts of my body, e.g., rooting, breathing and applying energy.


Dr Hamed

Dr. Hamed Ibrahim Al-Azri
Assistant Professor, Marketing Department
Sultan Qaboos University
Sultanate of Oman


I became interested in Tai Chi Chuan as an exercise to enhance feeling of presence and self awareness, as well as a long-term health enhancer.

In this short exposure, I learned the basic philosophy and movements of Tai Chi. Looking back at my first session, I'm gladly surprised at the level that Sifu Yeap has guided me to achieve by the end of the program. I know that I still have much more to learn, but I feel that I have a good grasp of the art that would help me with practice and patience to reach ever deeper levels.

Besides specific Tai Chi lessons, I also learned to improve my posture, balance, and overall self awareness.
Tai Chi is a magnificent and rich art that has immense potential for elevating one's mental and physical health. With the expert and patient guidance of Sifu Yeap, achieving this potential is clearly within reach.
SanjeevSanjeev Nanavati,
CEO Citibank Bhd

"Sifu E.K Yeap's explanations are clear and give me many insights that enabled me to understand the important nuances and essence of this ancient art.  His explanations and the class dynamics makes it clear and easy even for beginners to follow and grasp the understanding."


peter smerling

Peter Smerling

SCA South East Asia

"In the 9 months you having been teaching me Tai Chi, I have
learned many things and am very grateful and appreciative for this
opportunity. It has helped me with my health issues but also has
helped my spirit and allowed me to better understand myself, my
motivations and my awareness.

Your teaching process is a patient, thoughtful and enlightening
experience and I look forward to continuing to improving the
movements while learning more of the meaning.

I have also found the warm up we do to also help me physically,
especially the repetitive motions.

Once again, many thanks"


Cheng Kok Chin,
Vice President,
Citibank Bhd

"I have come across the various forms of Tai Chi and the form taught by Master Yeap is by far the most complete and yet simple enough to learn "


joy newman pornchan

Joy Newman Napawongse,
Geologist, home maker and volunteers in an expatriate support network

Tai chi and Qigong..they  are  subtle  forms  of  internal   physical  exercises.  Deep  complete  breathing   right  from  the  abdominal  to  the  nose/mouth,  I   feel  it  working  in  my  internals.

Some exercises gets me mentally charged with positive thoughts of my internals and others work on my mind control and concentration abilities (or lack of but trying always!!). Funny how appreciation came about slowly but surely as I started realizing the power of ‘another step closer to what is good for ME”. At times of stress, my relief that works on so many levels is the breathing exercises. It’s like ...

Walk away from the negativity, get into the zone, do the breathing to get the calmness and become relax .... It’s then like .... I am back in control again, bring it on!!, or I am able to calmly release the stress. Before Tai Chi, I would be all over the place and trapped in the bad vibes and know not how to get out of it .... I have come a long way and thankful for the opportunity to have my eyes opened to a better alternative.

‘Baggage’  has  all   to  do  with  what  is  clouding  the  mind.  Just  that   hour  of  no  ‘baggage’  meant  ... my mental  state  ‘had  a  rest’!!  Mind  you  ....not  an   easy  state  to  be  for  one  hour,  but  not  impossible   to  get  better  and  better  at  it,  I  have  discovered.

Click here for her Full story



Nesa Arumugam Eliezer.
Freelance Writer and Author

"Tai Chi gives me incredible joy. To be aware of the body as part of the bigger world of Nature brings with it a sense of inner peace I have not found in other arts. Sifu Yeap’s sincere teaching and his loyalty to the pristine purity of Cheng Man Ching’s style is a big part of that realisation. His unaffected generosity in giving and receiving from the student that same dedication is gratifying and humbling. I have come to Tai Chi late in my life but I know it will stay with me to end of my days. Your very simplicity in personality and method is a testimony to Tai Chi and Taoism. Thank you, Sifu Yeap. You are a great teacher."

Jim & Christine

Jim & Christine

"I was fascinated by the graceful and fluid movements. I enjoyed the classes and benefited in overall well being and understanding of this marvellous art. Thank you, Master Yeap"
Ratna Barrow
Ratna Barrow
Designer, mum, housewife
I'am a designer, mum and housewife. I have been travelling around the world with my husbands work and I love experiencing new cultures and seeing that we are all one in this world and that we are connected in some way or another.
I'am interested in art and culture and also learning new things to do with growing your mind, body and soul.
Since I have been learning tai chi it has taught me how to be aware in the present. If your mind wanders during tai chi your movements will be disturbed. It is an exercise for the mind to not wander but also for the body to synchronise. It really is a beautiful ancient art.

mike turner

Mike Turner

”I have been interested in the Oriental arts and philosophy and Tai chi has helped me get a much better understanding of eastern thought.  I enjoy its practice.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Tai chi sessions and benefited from them. Tai Chi’s graceful and fluid movements have improved my sense of balance and my overall health and sense of wellbeing has been enhanced and improved tremendously. I enjoyed the classes and the help and guidance to understanding of this marvelous art. Thank you, Master Yeap"
Azura bte Zainal
TV Host/ Presenter

"I've managed to learn how to focus on one thing rather than 2 to 3 things at one time.  Tai chi gives me the serenity and calmness in dealing with more personal matters and has helped me learn to focus on ME and the inner ME! I've come to realize that by harnessing what's inside of you can make you feel better on the outside."



Keith Brown

' Tai Chi It is a wonderful tool for grounding the body and the mind, thus  allowing  clear thought on one subject. It  has enabled me to deal with a difficult period in  my life as I change career direction rather  late in live . The daily routine of excercise has given me a more relaxed attitude and allowed me to focus on the tasks in hand. It has  de-energised the anxiety and quietened the monkey brain that was so active previously, whilst at the same time  helping  to give me a more spiritual  outlook on life."
Suhartini Samsudin, Pegawai Tadbir, Malaysian Qualifications Agency "Enjoyed the (Self Defense) workshop. Very useful and practical."
  Corporate Seminar and Workshop

Duke Corporate Education

Participants feedback, 2014

(Workshop with Duke Corporate Education, USA - Held at Majestic Hotel, K.L)

Interest myself in my well-being a little more

Will learn more about meditation techniques and will try to apply them to keep balance, strength and control.

It was excellent to break from the lectures to some exercise

Try to find peace by consciously being in harmony with myself.

Small exercise in the long term can be very beneficial

Reinforced the importance of focus and finding balance in your life. This is an area I can certainly improve upon.

Taking the "time out" - to calm; refocus

At home, teach to my kids.

Day-to-day meditation, especially during stressful moments

Manage to practice some exercises learnt during the session

Duke Corporate Education

Participants feedback, 2014

(Workshop with Duke Corporate Education, USA)

Very nice and effective. A book would have been appreciated.

It was great as is.

it was great!

Such a fantastic experience, thank you!