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Wellness Tai Chi Workshop and Classes

Gateway to Internal Treasures™

Tai Chi Self Defense suitable For Adults, Children, Teens and Women
Incorporating Tai chi Push Hands and "Using 4 ounces to Deflect 1000 pounds"

Self Defense Workshop

Besides the Tai chi forms and exercises which enhances health and healing, Tai chi is indeed a powerful form of self defense.  This is rarely taught, as most people in our societies spend more time on the exercise aspects, to put some exercise time into their schedules.

Video: Self Defense: Soft Art Principles Applied to Oncoming Forces

Tai Chi Self Defense & Push Hands Workshop

Click to Register for Kuala Lumpur (22 Oct 2016)| Sydney (5 March 2017)

We are offering the Tai chi for self defense for adults, teens, older persons and women. The latter group - women are particlarly encouraged to learn as there is a need for this, in view of the brutal attacks on women in public places, and in car parks of shopping complexes. Older persons (eg above 60 years) are sadly also targets of bully and uncalled for aggression by macho wanna-Be's who take it out on the weak.


Curriculum Tai chi Self defense

Tai chi push hands for beginners and Intermediate levels.
Have you practiced Tai chi chuan? Now learn the next level - After learning the beginning levels of relaxation and softness - the next level is 'change', i.e. the ability to change. The ability to yield. To master this, you need to sharpen your ability to feel forces and to respond to them in an appropriate manner. This is the Art of Instant Allowing and Non - Resistance, and Change.

Join our upcoming workshop to learn the basics of Tai chi Push hands, ta lu and Self defense.

What You will Learn:

Yang & Wu style push Hands basics - single hand, double hands.

Fixed and moving steps.

Yang Style Ta lu

Self Defense methods

How to respond in the face of incoming forces.

Nature of simple direct force, and its inherent weakness within its fierceness.

Using the Body, Legs and not just Arms. Learning to use the whole body.

Acceptance vs Resistance.

Rooting steadily.

Transition from brute muscular force (li) to internal, pliable strength (jing).

Yielding and neutralising.

Benefits of Tai chi Self defense

  • Strengthen your physical self
  • Train and enhance your mobility
  • You will become psychologically, and physically stronger
  • You will aquire self defense knowledge and skills
  • Be more confident, and self assured
  • Move more gracefully, you will move rapidly, in smooth and calm way
  • Have power in your being, yet be poised
  • You will be more centered, and focused, and calm.
  • You will be more alert, and more sensitive (in a good way)- in your senses and touch
  • You will be more balanced physically
  • Your courage will undoubtedly increase
  • You will develop new reflexes based on calm focus, and rid yourself from fear and negative conditioning

What Won't Happen

  • You won't attract people to "try you out" in your self defense.  Reason, Tai chi principles encourage/ enhance the soft, the yielding, and you will not flaunt your new skills. The Tai chi saying about this is, "People will not know (the depth of my skill),  I alone will know theirs."   for the same reason, people will not laugh at you or ridicule you.  The self defense moves and techniques are subtle, and yet powerful when you want them to be.
  • For ladies: You won't lose your femininity and charm, on the contrary self confidence may enhance it.

What Students Say

kathleen Learnt how to deal with attacking force, and how to keep your balance which is very important core. How to deflect attacks with minimum force.
Kathleen Thoo
Shirllin Its good to come to the course and learn so that we don't freeze. Learn to have Increased confidence.
Shirllin Ching

Raymond Leung - Alliance Bank Tai chi

Raymond Leung
Group Chief Operating Officer

The training took me to new levels of understanding about reading forces. I'm really appreciating using the opponent's forces to my advantage.

I feel more stable/balanced with the moves and gain some basic skill on the push hand, and got better feeling in sensing and deflecting away the coming forces.




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Next Workshop: 22 October 2016. Click here

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."The highest form of fighting is to win
without fighting"
(Sun Tzu)