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Wellness Tai Chi

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Tai chi, Breath Work, and Self Defense in Citibank, Kuala Lumpur: For Staff only

Tai chi is taught in Citibank as part of the company's wellness program since 2006. Participants are from all the different departments of the bank - in commercial as well as retail banking groups.

Short video Introduction to Wellness Tai chi taught in Citibank

Current and past students include new staff and seniors who love to drop in to the class on the 21st floor - for a quick refreshing round of exercise - stretching, deep breathing (qi gong), standing meditation, and the Tai chi forms proper. Some continue with a bit more rigorous training of 'tui shou' or push hands - Tai chi's gentle art of self defense which emphasizes "4ounces deflecting a thousand pounds". The latter training also helps those who wish to tone up their arms, legs and bodies.

The atmosphere is relaxing and this helps students to learn to be flexible and let go of tensions. This is the necessary process to gain mastery in Tai chi.

Come for the beginners classes or drop by if you are a past graduate of the course. You are welcome to the 'club', to work out and then perhaps go back to your conference call whihc is typically scheduled for a later time after hours.

Contact: 016 3320857

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