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Wellness Tai Chi

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Tai chi Curriculum update 2015

Wellness Curriculum is Further Evolved: Teachings for Deeper Understanding Relevant for the 21st century.

Tai chi class takes a beginner right up to advanced practitioner. We see it as an ongoing learning, even after several years of learning.

Sifu E.K Yeap has researched and studied further into the art, learning from other masters and fine-tuned and evolved his teaching in the last 8 years, having been teaching for more than 3 decades. He has added new emphasis for beginner as well as advanced students.


Recent Emphasis added to the following aspects:

1. Balance of the internal and external. We find that many students are faced with daily pressures and stress in Modern life - traffic, career, family, financial, etc.

2. Balance of the heart and the head. The head is the very active component in daily living in urban cities. The heart component is the soft component - the part that appreciate beauty, poetry, art, music and movement.

balance aspect

3. The teaching of being still and silent. The ability to switch off the active brain - so that we can have a good night sleep, and to reactivate the bodies defense and replenishing capability.

4. Balance between City and Country. Many have forgotten or do not know the beauty and quiet power of being with nature. Appreciating nature - waterfalls, country drives, walking barefoot.

quiet and nature

5. Neurological aspects - understanding brain plasticity - in people with Parkinson's disease, chronic pain, or aging. Theory and Exercises and patterns of movements to suit this group of students.

5. Chi kung or breath works -projecting energy. This includes visual and mental mindsets and a play of intentions during the Tai Chi exercises.Use of internal energy for health and self defense.

6. Understanding Your Body Heals itself: Promoting and teaching further understanding of this aspect. Too many young people; and aging people have not been trained or understand this. Hence a over-reliance to the doctor and prescription drugs. We teach to awaken the Doctor Within; by understanding epi-genetics, the placebo effect and Power of words.

7. Nature of Water. Tai chi traditionally emphasised on the Tao of water. The flow of water, and its characteristics. This is definitely stll the practice today. However the new information is that water has memory, and respond to thoughts and vibrations, as demonstrated by Dr Masaru Emoto water crystals.

Dr Emoto water crystal

8. Self-defense component. With the rise in crimes this has become important component. The famous aspects of Tai chi and the soft arts is the use of non-resistance or softness to overcome hardness. Already we see too much hardness or use of force in life. In fact, many self defense and fitness gyms for women emphasise punching and kicking. We teach the balanced approach (yin-yang), and train how softness can be victorious.

9. Best of Nature, Best of Science: Choice of foods and the question of supplements in modern life is explored.